The ’embarrassing’ toddler outburst Kimberley Walsh turned into a teaching moment

SO many of us will be able to relate to mum-of-2 Kimberley's mortifying experience, when her 3-year-old son loudly commented on someone's physical appearance in public...


Kimberley Walsh has lifted the lid on a difficult parenting topic: the unending curiosity kids have. Only tricky when combined with a sheer lack of tact, of course.


During our recent chat with the 36-year-old Girls Aloud icon, she opened up about feeling embarrassed when 3-year-old Bobby expressed his curiosity about a man with dwarfism in a rather loud and public fashion.

She explained:

“Bobby shouted at a person with dwarfism – maybe this isn’t the best story to tell – but he shouted: ‘Mummy, there’s a little man! Look at the little man!’

“And was like, ‘Oh my God’, and [explained], ‘yep, some men are little, some men are tall’.

“I just brushed it off, and I think that’s how you have to deal with these things.”

Kimberley also faced a similar teaching moment during a family viewing of the 2017 film Wonder (read more about the movie) – which is about a little boy with Treacher Collins Syndrome, a genetic condition which causes facial differences, often around the ears, eyes, and cheekbones.

“[We also watched] Wonder – it was so emotional – but that just me reminded me of it because Bobby was like, ‘Why?’

“He was asking all of those obvious questions, so I just said, ‘He’s a bit different’.

“I think the way you react to those things is so important. There’s pressure on you as a mother to say the right things.”

Though you might feel SO embarrassed when it happens, all you can do in the moment is apologise (if someone’s been offended), and try to turn the situation into a lesson for your little one.

We should add that Kimberley’s hardly alone in this. Far from it. In fact, we think it’s pretty amazing that she’s opened up about it – because we know SO many mums and dads will have similar stories of their own.

Her candid story’s even resonating with the team here at MFM HQ. One of our mums openly admits she was absolutely mortified when her child loudly commented on someone’s size in public.

Similarly, she just had to use the less-than-ideal moment as a lesson, showing her little one that we’re all just people, despite our physical differences 💛

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Might be very useful for a parent who has yet to find themselves in this boat. Get in touch via Facebook, Instagram or in the comments below.

Images: Instagram/Kimberley Walsh

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