Kirstie Allsop takes to Twitter over caesareans

Over-zealous natural birth advocates critcised by Kirstie Allsopp for making mums who give birth by caesarean feel like “failures”

Kirstie Allsop has criticised the National Childbirth Trust (NCT) and over-zealous natural birth advocates for making caesarean birth feel like failure. The TV presenter took to Twitter after meeting a new mum struggling to come to terms with having a caesarean birth on her show Location, Location, Location.


Kirstie tweeted, asking her followers to tell her of their experiences of NCT courses and the subject of caesareans. The majority of responses agreed that caesarean birth was skimmed over during NCT classes, and advice and info about the procedure were lacking.

Kirstie gave birth to both of her sons by caesarean. She said the NCT was “reckless” for not providing more information on caesareans in its classes and even revealed that while pregnant, she had been told to ignore the doctor’s advice and attempt to give birth naturally.

“I suspect giving birth naturally is one of the most life-enhancing experiences you can have if it goes well,” Kirstie said. “That’s the dream, but for a quarter of women it is not the reality, and we need to make sure they don’t feel like a failure.”

The NCT responded to Kirstie’s claims by saying, “NCT teachers do their best to prepare parents for their birth and the early days of parenthood. Although we get overwhelmingly positive feedback from parents we do not always get it right. Parents who are unhappy are strongly encouraged to contact us so we can make amends and learn the necessary lessons.”

Kirstie later tweeted that she was, “Not so angry at NCT, but keen that mums have all info they need to reduce shock in any event.”


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