Lady Gaga gives birth… to her fans!

The eccentric singer strikes again but this time talks about her baby plans and stretch marks

Flamboyant singer Lady Gaga has spoken out about her future plans to start a family, but has insisted that there’s no rush as she’s already way too busy ‘giving birth’ to her fans. Yes, you read right.


The 25-year-old star, who recently got named as the world’s most powerful celebrity, revealed that she planned to have babies in the future, but it’s not something she’s ready for yet. “I think I will at some point, yeah, I’ll have a family and babies and all those things, but not right now,” Gaga said.

However, she did reveal that she’s something of a birth expert, after announcing that she’s already “given birth” to millions of her fans, or her ‘little monsters’ as she calls them! “Right now I have lots of fans. I’m giving birth to lots of little monsters, so I need to keep down the stretchmarks.”

When Lady Gaga decides to slow down her ‘fan births’ and try for a baby of her own, check out our prediction of what Baby Gaga would look like!

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