Lego prices rocket as favourites sell out

Web sellers charge more than double after Lego Star Wars and Indiana Jones shortage


A shortage of Lego this Christmas has given some web retailers the opportunity to charge double the normal price for the most popular sets. Many Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Agents and Power Miners kits sold out in December, which is set to leave many brick-mad children disappointed on Christmas Day.


To avoid teary faces, some parents are paying much higher than official prices to retailers linked to Amazon. For example Indiana Jones’ Temple Escape usually sells for £46.99 but the cheapest deal on Amazon is £79.95. Star Wars Lego has been incredibly popular this Christmas and the Star Wars Motorised Walking AT-AT (normally on sale at £88.09) is being offered by a retailer through Amazon at £254.99.

Chairman of the Toy Retailers Association, Gary Grant, advised that there is an industry-wide shortage of Lego. “Lego has had an outstanding year as parents turn to old favourites in hard times.”


Lego enjoyed a 51% increase in UK sales last year and 2009 figures are set to be equally as buoyant.

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