Lily Allen in takeaway trauma

Pregnant and hungry singer takes to Twitter to have a food-related rant


Queen of Twitter, Lily Allen, has been sending sulky tweets since she was unable to get takeaway food delivered via courier to her house. 


The ‘It’s Not Fair’ singer certainly lived up to her lyrics as she tweeted about how courier company Addison Lee would not deliver takeaway food to her house.

@LilyRoseCooper: “Addison Lee won’t pick up a take away for me. #hungrypregnant#notfair”

The familiar blacked-out-window car and bike courier service is probably more used to requests to ferry around fashion types, as well as important parcels. 

Like many of Lily’s follwers, we are confused as to why she didn’t use one of the many online food delivery services or check in with her local takeout. 

‏@Antlersbabe tweeted: “order one from somewhere that delivers then! It’s not rocket science!”

Whilst @PressParty was more sympathetic, reasoning – “only because their driver might eat it on the way (yum!)”

The hashtag ‘spoiled’, springs to mind, Lily. 

Have you had any ‘must-have’ food cravings whilst pregnant? 

By Catherine Hudson

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