Man locks himself out of house as wife gives birth inside

Woman forced to deliver baby alone after husband forgot his keys


A woman had to give birth on her own at home after her husband got locked out of their house, reports the Telegraph.


Atefeh Behereshi, 24, phoned her husband Hadi, 30, to tell him their baby was on the way. The dad-to-be rushed home from work, but forgot his keys.

“He asked me to open the door, but I couldn’t because I was in the bathroom upstairs. The window was open so he could hear me and was telling me not to be scared and that an ambulance was on the way,” said Atefeh.

Atefeh had been to hospital for a check-up that morning and was told she would be induced the following day. But later that night, while home alone with 18-month-old daughter Rose, she began to go into labour. “I was in labour for 14 hours with Rose, so I didn’t think there was any rush. I tried not to panic and just thought I needed to keep the baby safe. Hadi broke a window to get in, but by the time he reached me, I had delivered the baby and wrapped her in a towel.”


The midwife arrived later to cut the cord and the baby girl, who weighed 7lb, is “doing well”.

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