Mantenatal – the new antenatal classes just for men

Dad launches men-only birthing group at NHS hospital


Dads-to-be can now sign up for men-only ‘mantenatal’ classes at an NHS hospital. Dean Beaumont, 43, from Cambridgeshire, set up the DaddyNatal classes alongside Peterborough City Hospital after he felt unprepared for the birth of his first baby.


“Before the birth of my first child, I read the books, attended the couples antenatal classes and felt I had prepared. But it was a complicated labour and I was left with feelings of guilt that I had failed to fully support my partner,” said Dean reports the Daily Mail.

“I realised there was a gap and set up the first antenatal classes to be run by men for men. We can use male humour that perhaps wouldn’t go down so well in a mixed setting. It’s laid back and we can openly admit we’re terrified of birth,” Dean explained.

During the classes, Dean, who now has two children with partner Steph Hawryla, heads a group discussion and uses illustrations in books to discuss pregnancy, labour, birth and bonding with newborn babies.

Dean also shows clips from Monty Python films and sketches, which relate to fatherhood.

“Traditional antenatal classes concentrate on women giving birth, these give men a chance to talk about the role they play as a father. It’s really positive and will be offered free of charge for a limited time on a first-come-first-serve basis,” said Penny Brett, Head of Midwifery at Peterborough City Hospital.

Dean’s DaddyNatal classes are being offered free on the NHS with Peterborough City Hospital at various locations in Peterborough in May, June and July.

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