TOWIE’s Maria Fowler admits that pregnancy can be hard

And the reality star's confession is something many expectant mums can relate to...


Looking at the pics across her social media accounts, it’s hard to believe that former TOWIE star Maria Fowler is having anything but an amazing pregnancy.


Her feeds are full of images of beautiful sun-drenched hols, relaxing spa days, and gorgeous loved up pics of the mum-to-be and her beau, Kelvin Batey.

But if her recent posts on Twitter are anything to go by, this is probs a lesson for us all in not making assumptions based on glamour and glitz of celeb media feeds, especially where pics are concerned.

Maria has around 9 weeks to go before she welcomes her little daughter, but has been mega open about her feelings as she approaches the last hurdles of pregnancy.

“There’s so much shame attached with admitting you aren’t enjoying pregnancy,” she wrote on Twitter, adding: “I get so relieved when other women tell me they found it hard.”

“It’s not even a body issue. I feel like I haven’t put much weight on at the moment. It’s the other side effects pains etc that are hard,” she continued.

And who hasn’t been there in late pregnancy?

Even if you’re not particularly huge, you still feel every twitch and twinge in your hips and back, and just going up the stairs can feel like an expedition up Everest. 

Maria also tweeted her worries about her baby’s position (and again – who hasn’t had all those ‘has she turned?’ ‘Is she engaged yet?’ concerns…)

“If baby doesn’t turn looks like it will be a Caesarian. Ladies when did your babies turn? No way am I having ECV.”

Ah, we can’t help but want to reach through our screens and give Maria a big hug – especially as not only is she dealing with pre-birth anxieties, she’s also having to put up with judgmental comments from her followers.

You’d think this lovely pic of her and Kelvin and their little dog enjoying a day in the sunshine could only prompt nice responses, right?


Maria was slammed for having soft ice cream

The former reality star was criticised instead, and taken to task over the kind of ice cream she was eating.

We can definitely understand what Maria’s been saying here – pregnancy isn’t always easy, as some of our MFM mums know only too well.

Check out this thread if you are feeling much the same as Maria right now, and need to vent, rant or rest assured that it really isn’t just you!

Pictures: Maria Fowler Twitter & Instagram

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