Michelle Heaton pregnant with second baby

The singer tweeted her happy news


Michelle Heaton Tweeted yesterday that she is expecting a second baby. Mum to 19-month-old Faith, the singer and reality TV star was unsure whether she could conceive again after medical problems.


She tweeted: “Myself and @hughhanley are thrilled we are expecting a mini Michelle or Hugh.

“This is a very exciting time for us after everything that’s happened. Thank you as always for your love & support! Whoop whoop!” She added: “Faith is gonna be an amazing big sister. She’s already kissing my stomach.”

Michelle carries the mutated BRCA2 gene, which means she is of greater risk of developing breast and ovarian cancer. She had a double mastectomy in November 2012 and plans to have her ovaries removed after her new baby is born. She told OK! Magazine: “This is God’s way of saying: ‘Have your baby now, then get your ovaries out.’ I can’t see it any other way. It’s a blessing.”

Michelle had a caesarian section in her first pregnancy because of her irregular heartbeat. “I was planning a natural water birth and had been taking HypnoBirthing classes, which I really enjoyed,” she told Parentdish. “Unfortunately I was told 3 weeks before my due date that I needed to have a C-section because of my heart.

“I was gutted not be able to have a natural birth, and was frustrated I couldn’t take control, but at the same time I felt strangely calm about it. The decision had been taken out of my hands, so I knew what to expect. Being a first time mum, I had no idea what birth would be like. Suddenly everything was planned and some of the worry was taken away.”

Michelle has called this second pregnancy a miracle. She has already chosen the name AJ for a boy or Hope for a girl, according to OK! Magazine.

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