More babies rumoured for Sandra Bullock and Halle Berry

Rumour has it that Hollywood actresses are feeling broody plus Rihanna falls prey to the baby bullies!

After the surprising news that actress Sandra Bullock has secretly adopted a baby boy from New Orleans, she hasn’t looked happier. However, according to the US Star magazine, there is another reason behind Sandra’s happiness – she’s adopting another baby!


The 46-year-old actress adopted her son Louis earlier this year and is rumoured to be in the process of adopting a sibling for him using the same agency in New Orleans. This time, it’s allegedly a girl!

“Sandra knows one is not enough. She can’t wait to relive this whole experience with another child – this time she wants a girl,” a source told the magazine.

Another Hollywood actress who is ready for another baby is 44-year-old Halle Berry. Talking about how she’d love to give her 2-year-old daughter Nahla a brother or sister, the actress admitted to Showbiz Spy, “I’d love more children. I’m 44, so who knows how much longer I can wait?” We wonder what her current beau, Kylie Minogue’s ex Oliver Martinez, thinks about Halle’s baby plans?!

Whereas some celebs are happy to discuss their baby plans, others fall prey to the baby bullies and singer Rihanna seems to be the latest victim!

Talking vaguely about her future plans, the 22-year-old singer casually mentioned that she would like children at some point. “I don’t really plan on the age. It could be a year from now or it could be 10 years! Whenever is right,” she told Interview magazine.


Unfortunately for Rihanna, everyone now thinks she’s got babies on the brain!

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