Move over Lady GaGa… it’s all about Lady Goo Goo!

Moshi Monster star has released her own single, complete with GaGa-inspired graphics and catchy lyrics


Moshi Monster fans behold! There’s a new star in town who is GaGa enough to rival the original lady of pop.

Meet Lady Goo Goo, the leading character of the Moshi Monster crew and is so popular, she’s released her own music single called ‘The Moshi Dance’.

Like the real Lady GaGa, Goo Goo starts off her music video bursting out of an egg and proceeds to shock and entertain with eccentric graphics, outfits and quirky lyrics. Lady Goo Goo travels in a stretch stroller, only wears silk nappies and is best mates with Simon Growl (you figure out who that is supposed to be!)

The YouTube clip has already had over 732,000 views – are you GaGa for Goo Goo?


And another thing… how similar is Lady Goo Goo to our prediction on what Lady Gaga’s baby would look like? Just call us Mystic Meg!

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