Mum’s cheeky lipstick message for van driver blocking the path for prams

The message was spotted by another mum who took a pic and shared it to a local Facebook group...


Now, here’s something we reckon plenty of our mums have experienced when venturing out with a pram:


The roads end up being so tight that vans and cars are parked up on the pavement – that there’s barely room for anyone with a pram (or a wheelchair user) to move along with ease.

(God forbid you have a side-by-side double ?)

Usually, we let these things go unnoticed, right? But on this particular occasion, when it happened in Rochdale, Greater Manchester, one mum decided to make it clear it just wasn’t on.

She grabbed what looks like a bit of lippy and scrawled ‘Please leave free for pushchairs’ on one van driver’s window.

Another mum, Lucy Greenwood, shared it on a Facebook group saying: “Someone got a bit lipsticky this morning”.

But it’s clearly something that happens all the time, all across the country.

Accompanying the article about this lipstick note, in the Manchester Evening News, was another video from Hertfordshire showing a policeman struggling to get a small pram down a residential road because of the way the cars were parked on the pavement.


Hmmmm, it’s a tricky one, isn’t it?

Plenty of residential roads were probably built way before so many people had cars – and cars these days are so much wider than they ever were, there isn’t really the room to keep the roads clear and for everyone to park off-pavement.

But if you’ve got a pram, you should’t really be expected to walk round all those cars and vans, should you?

What do you think?

Do you have this issue where you live? What do you think could be done to solve the problem? Tell us in the comments below or over on Facebook

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