Mum of 6 hits back when stranger tells her she ‘doesn’t dress like a mum’

'Did the government roll out and distribute a mum uniform and I missed the memo?' ?


Here at MFM HQ we’re VERY familiar with stories about strangers who feel it’s OK to comment on something a mum’s doing – or even wearing.


A shocking tale we read recently was about a new mum who got told by a fellow visitor to a local pool that the bikini she was wearing wasn’t ‘appropriate’ for a mother ?

And this week, a blogger from Australia shared an Instagram post detailing a similar experience when out and about.

Writing as Mytribeofsix, mum Stevie said this next to the pic above:

“The other day someone said to me that I don’t dress like a mum and I shouldn’t wear what I do.

“There was even a comment about my clothing not being age appropriate.

“I was wearing this outfit. Umm what.. excuse me? The 1950s just telegrammed and they want their out dated views back.

“Did the government roll out and distribute a mum uniform and I missed the memo? Did they assign people to enforce and police such dress codes? Shall I go buy an apron too?

“Since when do I have to dress according to someone else’s likes and dislikes?

“Lastly, I plan to be 80, rocking ripped jeans, tulle trimmed unicorn shirts and rainbow hair. So you can take your ‘age appropriate’ dribble back a few decades.

“What I choose to look like or wear does not change who I am within. My appearance does not impact my personality.

“Enough with the stereotypes.. theres nothing worse or more ignorant. Think before you speak, get to know someone before you choose to judge someone – better yet, just don’t.

“No one likes a judgy mcjudge face. Shout out to my husband for always capturing my best side ??”


We don’t have a lot to add to this post to be honest: mums come in all shapes, sizes and outfits: it’s really no one else’s business – and we’re TOTALLY into the rainbow hair at 80 too ? 

Pic: Mytribeof6 on Instagram

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