Myleene Klass turns ghostbuster for her bedtime beauties

Myleene says she’s “knackered” after daughters have her chasing monsters out of the house all night


Myleene Klass had to don her best monster-busting attire last night, as her daughters had her chasing baddies out of the house.


Myleene’s daughters Ava, 5, and Hero, 1, clearly had an imagination overdrive come bedtime, and could see all sorts of creepy things around the house. 

Better known for her musical, rather than monster-scaring talents, poor Myleene appears to have had her work cut out for her. She tweeted, “Up all night chasing ‘monsters’ out of the house and moving jumpers, furniture, toys that look like shadows. #madhouse.”

A tired Myleene tweeted she was rather “knackered” after the night’s antics, but what’s a mum to do, eh?!

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