Over 25 mums provide breast milk to feed mum’s newborn

Eva van Dok Pinkley received breast milk donations from New York mums after having a double mastectomy


Eva van Dok Pinkley has been thanking over 25 mums for providing her newborn baby with breast milk. She became pregnant last September after a year of giving up hope that she would ever become a mum. She experienced miscarriages, failed fertility treatments, breast cancer and a double mastectomy.


When Eva found out she was expecting, she knew she wanted to breastfeed but didn’t know how. Her husband Stuart helped her search the internet and the idea for breast milk donations came about after posting on a pregnancy community forum.

The American actress and researcher gave birth to a boy, Oliver, on July 9th and the three-week-old now feeds on the breast milk donations from over 25 mums in the Brooklyn area. Lots of small containers of milk are stored in Eva’s freezer, ready for Oliver when he needs them.

“The first time Eva and I met, it was a very emotional thing to, first of all, have found someone so perfect, so close and so in need of the milk,” said one of the mums, Kristi Guihliano, reports the Daily Mail.

Closer to home, a recent survey by Philips Avent has revealed that Wales is the fourth worst place in the UK for mums to breastfeed in public.

Over a quarter of mums said they had to hide in public toilets when they needed to feed their babies in public.

Out of the 2,800 mums surveyed, more than two-thirds said they were “blatantly stared at” when they were breastfeeding in public, reports the BBC.

If you want support and advice about breastfeeding in public, read our piece about breastfeeding classes or find your local antenatal group.

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