Parents urged to make their daughters more ambitious

Government campaign will encourage girls to consider 'boys' jobs


Culture Secretary Maria Miller, who is also the equalities minister, will today lay out plans for a new drive to widen the career aspirations of girls, reports the Telegraph.


It is thought that a main focus will be on urging parents to help daughters of primary school age to think about jobs considered ‘male’, such as engineering early on, and to challenge gender stereotypes relating to certain careers.Despite performing better in school, the concern is that girls are being brought up with les ambition than boys,

Maria Miller said, “Encouraging women to fulfil their potential doesn’t begin when they are already working, it starts when they are young, still at school.

“A vital part of future career success is the aspirations that girls have early in their lives, and the choices they make about subjects and qualifications.

“Parents are vital in helping girls make these choices, and we know that many parents want help with that.”


Part of the campagin includes issuing parents of daughters with a special advice pack

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