Peter Andre’s Christmas without Princess and Junior

Peter will spend the festive season with fiancée Emily and baby Amelia


Peter Andre might be looking forward to his first Christmas with baby Amelia, but the dad-of-3 admits he’s sad his older children will miss it. This year Peter’s children Princess, 7, and Junior, 9, will spend Christmas with their mum Katie Price.


“But I’m fine with it, I have them one year on, one year off, so I’ll have them next year,” he told Ok! magazine. “Of course we want to be with them, but when you do have them, you make the time you have with your kids amazing.”


And Peter’s fiancée Emily MacDonagh insists it’s for the best. “Amelia will have a proper personality next year, so it will be even more fun with us all together,” she said.

Amelia is just 11-months-old right now, so will be almost 2 by next Christmas. This year she’ll spend the festive season with Peter, Emily and her grandparents. “We’ll be at my parents’ house in Taunton,” Emily said. “I have to be with my parents at Christmas. I’ve never spent Christmas away from home.”

Peter recently created a stir when he revealed that he had been living apart from Emily and baby Amelia – but just while Emily’s finishing her degree.

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