Popular apps inspire new board games for Christmas

Traditional board games and technology collide to make new fun for the whole family


You may watch in stunned silence as your children work their magic on the latest technology – flinging birds, building skyscrapers and dancing to the hottest tracks, all before you’ve managed to put the kettle on.


But fear not, this Christmas apps and board games have collided to bring modern technology to the table – so even Grandma will be able to build her own CityVille and fling some Angry Birds!

Topping the list this Christmas is Angry Birds Mega Smash game, according to Toys R Us. Inspired by the app version this new board game sees players build towers of pigs and use a plastic catapult to fling miniature birds to knock it back down. Mission cards set each player tasks and you must use your tactical skills to avoid defeat by your opponents. The best part? Those squealing pig noises will need to come from one of you guys!

As a staple family game, you’d be hard pushed to top Monopoly, but now it has had its own app-inspired remake. Taking on elements of popular CityVille, this latest board version offers players the chance to build a skyscraper in their neighbourhood, with the first to own four skyscrapers being crowned the CityVille Monopoly champ. Normal Monopoly elements remain – just decide before you start whether you’ll admit to your years of Monopoly experience.

Brand new Twister Dance will have kids and grandad up on their feet rather than entwined on the floor as dance steps come to the fore, and even TV and movie logos will pull kids away from their consoles in Logo What am I? –  a rapid fire question game.

If you truly are a traditional bunch at heart, you’ll be chuffed to know that Toys R Us lists Hungry Hippos, Elefun and Operation in their top 10 list, too. Whatever form it takes, this year make time for a board game with the family.

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