Practical Parenting & Pregnancy celebrates 25 years

MFM's sister magazine marks the milestone next month with a bumper birthday issue and loads of blasts from the past!


Practical Parenting & Pregnancy takes a trip down memory lane next month, as the magazine celebrates 25 years of helping mums and dads.


The April issue, on sale next month, charts the changes in pregnancy, birth and parenting over the past quater of a century.

“Birth was more medicalised in a lot of ways, although the c-section rate was much lower,” said PPP’s midwife Anne Richley.

“Women routinely had their waters broken at 3cm and an episiotomy if they were a first-time mum. Water births were extremely rare, and the homebirth rate was only 1%. Women weren’t encouraged to have choices in their care,” Anne added.

The magazine features the amazing story of a 54-year-old mum, who’s given birth in the 70s, 80s, 00s and as recently as last year, reflecting on the changes over the years.

Other highlights include an exclusive Mel B post-baby tummy workout, party recipes from PPP‘s new columnist Annabel Karmel, and the chance to win over £7,000 worth of prizes.

There will also be competitions and fun blasts from the past on the PPP‘s Facebook page and Twitter – so make sure you get ready to share your dodgy 80s pics!


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