Pregnant Myleene Klass thinks she looks like a tank!

Myleene Klass talks openly about her eating habits, body changes and her battle with morning sickness


Former pop star Myleene Klass has revealed that she thinks she resembles a tank now she is pregnant again, reports the Mirror.


Mum-to-be Myleene Klass is slowly getting used to her changing body and bouts of morning sickness.

“My boobs have got huge. Everything has gotten huge. I’m like a tank this time round,” said Myleene.

The star, currently four months pregnant, admitted that in the past her weight yo-yoed but also confessed that people used to think she was pregnant when she wasn’t.

With her second pregnancy, Myleene says her eating habits are different to her first, as she can’t stop eating.
“I put on a lot of weight last time and I thought I’d try not to this time but that’s gone out the window,” said Myleene.

“I need to eat all the time, and if I don’t eat then I’m sick. I puked in a bag the other day in a taxi. The only thing that seems to stop it is chips or cheese. I had chips and scones together the other day with cream and jam,” she added.

Myleene’s second baby dude next year will join her daughter, Ava, aged 3.


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