Pregnant Sam Bailey has revealed she was rushed to hospital after she started bleeding unexpectedly last week.


"I was genuinely so frightened,” The X Factor winner, who's nearly 7 months pregnant, told the Express.

"They told me they wanted to give me an internal scan and I was like 'Oh God what are they going to find?"

The 36-year-old’s husband Craig Pearson was by her side as she anxiously waited for the results.

"They kept me in overnight to make sure everything was ok and luckily it was all fine,” she added.

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But the scare stopped her from a very special performance.

"I was supposed to be performing with Michael Bolton at the Royal Albert Hall last week but it was the same time I bled and went into hospital,” she said. "I had to make the dreaded phone call to say I couldn't do it. I was so gutted.

"But he was so great - the next day I got a bunch of flowers so big delivered to my house that I could barely fit them through the door."

Sam has admitted she hasn't been exercising during her pregnancy, and has worried a bit about her changing shape. She tweeted a pic of herself looking very glam at the British Soap Awards last month but added the message, "God I look HUGE! Lol."

"I check everyday to make sure I still have an ankle bone," she joked, before adding, "I've actually been lucky with this pregnancy and haven't put any weight on anywhere apart from my belly."

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