Rebecca Adlington breaks the taboo on a VERY common post-baby body issue

She's even taking part in a new world record to highlight the issue...


Having a baby changes lots of things about your body, and here at MFM HQ we see plenty of stories where mums are open to sharing their post-baby tums, stretch marks and boobs.


But one thing we don’t hear so much about is the issue of bladder weakness after having a baby.

Now swimmer Rebecca Adlington is trying to change all that. She’s been speaking exclusively to OK! Online about dealing with bladder weakness after having daughter Summer, now 2.

The Olympic champion’s even taken part in a Guinness World Record ‘Restore The Floor’ attempt to see the most people trampolining simultaneously, in order to highlight this very private, but also very common, condition.


“As many women do, I suffered from bladder weakness after having Summer,” Rebecca told OK Online.

“I was actually really shocked to hear that this is something 1 in 3 women suffer from, making it more common than hay fever.

“I had no idea – it’s just not something people talk about!

“The more I chat to people the more I realise how common it is; we just can’t let it stop us doing what we love to do and letting it inhibit us when there are solutions out there.”

We have to say – fair do’s to Rebecca for this one.

It brings to mind the time Loose Women‘s Nadia Sawalha revealed to us that she ‘wet herself a bit’ on a trampoline live on TV – and as a result, got us all talking about incontinence, too. 

So, what can you do if you’re in the same boat?

Pelvic floor exercises are the one suggestion that comes up most, but take a look at our other advice on bladder weakness for other tips as well.

And if you want some inspiration – just look at one of our team members doing Kegels on a trampoline during a live broadcast at a new mum retreat ?

Image: Rebecca Adlington on Instagram

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