Recession leads to baby boom

Home pregnancy test sales are up, condom sales are down


The credit crunch may mean a baby boom is on the way, as more people stay in (and make their own fun) to save money.


Pregnancy test and pregnancy supplement sales have seen a big jump, supermarkets and chemists have reported. Condom sales have dropped 9% at supermarket chain Tesco.

While fertility rates in Britain have been rising over the past seven years, experts anticipated they would fall during the recession. Seems like someone forget to mention that to us before we all went and had a “night in”!

Tesco has reported a 51% year-on-year rise in sales of folic acid and other pregnancy-related supplements. Asda saw a rise in pregnancy-related products like iron supplements, folic acid and cocoa butter. Superdrug’s pregnancy test sales were up 8%.


Have you become pregnant during the credit crunch? Do you think the recession had a part to play? Let us know…


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