Reminder to keep medicines out of children’s reach

Following news that a 5-year-old died after mistaking painkillers for sweets, parents are reminded how important it is to keep hazards locked away


It was reported in the Metro this morning that a 5-year-old girl died from a drug overdose after mistaking her dad’s painkillers for jelly beans.


This sad news has reminded mums and dads to take every possible care when it comes to keeping their child safe at home.

According to the Child Accident Prevention Trust (CAPT) almost 20 children are admitted to hospital every day because it’s thought they have swallowed something poisonous, with painkillers being a common culprit.

The CAPT website suggests that mums and dads can do a number of things to keep their children safe when around medicines, including:

  • When you’re trying to persuade your child to take their medicine, never pretend it’s a sweet.
  • Take your own medicine when the kids aren’t watching. As children learn by imitating adults.
  • Store medicines well out of children’s reach and sight
  • Try and spot dangers from a child’s point of view by getting on your hands and knees – for example, tablets in a handbag or cleaning products beside the toilet or under the kitchen sink.
  • Teach children to never eat plants or berries they’ve picked in the garden – without checking with an adult first.

For more info, see our guide to keeping your child safe at home.

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