Sam Bailey’s baby: ‘Sharon Osbourne’s going to be godmother’

Pregnant singer Sam Bailey reveals that X Factor mentor Sharon will be godmother to the baby she's expecting in October


Pregnant X Factor winner Sam Bailey has revealed that Sharon Osbourne’s going to be her baby’s godmother.


“Sharon’s always there if I need her,” says Sam, 36, pictured, above, with husband Craig, at a Kiddicare Bump, Baby & You event. “We’re both mums and we have a lot in common.

“We’ve become really close. She’s definitely someone I can trust and tell anything to. I have to say I don’t have the same relationship with Simon Cowell!”

Sam was recently rushed to hospital and kept in overnight after suffering a bleed at home. But doctors have reassured her that her baby girl, who is due in October, is healthy.

This will be Sam’s 3rd child and, as her thoughts turn towards the birth, she says her previous two labours were very different. 

 “I didn’t have any pain with my first,” she say. “My waters broke, I had no contractions, then I had an epidural and C-section.

“I went natural last time and I screamed! I was off my face on gas and air which was great, then had an epidural and played on the Nintendo DS for 4 hours!” 

Until her baby’s due, though, Sam’s keeping her spirits up by indulging her pregnancy cravings for “chip-shop chips with loads of vinegar” and ice lollies. “I love a Twister,” she says. “It’s a very fine lolly. I was also into Nobbly Bobblies, and now we’re on to white Magnums.” 

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