Sam Faiers admits she feels HELPLESS as mum to baby Paul

And it's all because her 10-month-old bubba is cutting those painful toothy-pegs


We love Sam Faiers and how open and honest she is about being a new mummy, and how it’s deffo not all just squishy cuddles and beautifully filtered Instagram pics.


For instance, just last week, Sam demonstrated how baby’s needs always come first even if you are on live TV by breastfeeding Paul while on This Morning (and mega props to her for doing so, too).

And in an interview to promote her fab ITVBe Show, The Mummy Diaries, Sam admits that being a mum has taught her ‘patience and routine’ and that although baby Paul is too young for rules yet, she thinks she is probably going to be a ‘strict parent’ as he grows up.

Speaking to the Celebs Now website, Sam also revealed that at times, she has even felt ‘helpless’ – especially when coping with Paul teething.

“The bottom teeth weren’t too bad and I thought: ‘Oh he’s teethed,’ and then not so long ago he cut four top teeth all in one go and it was so horrible,” she said. “You feel helpless and all you want to do is take the pain away.”

Aw, we so know what she means, don’t we? You really do feel like you can’t do a thing to help when they’re cutting their teeth, no matter how many remedies and techniques you try to make it a bit easier for them ?

Sam also ‘fessed up to a ‘nappy moment’ we can all relate to, too – who hasn’t had the poo-nami in public scenario?

“I flew with the baby by myself to Portugal and as we took off we had a poo explosion!”, she said. “It was like, wow, how can this smell come from a tiny little baby!?”

(We know, right? Just HOW?)

We love how obvs it is that Sam is just loving every second of being a mummy – even if Paul is now keeping her on her toes even more now that he’s crawling. 

“He’s got all the toys you can imagine but he’ll crawl over to the Sky box wires. I put a blanket over it but he’s so clever; he pulls down the blanket and touches all the buttons. He’s crawling everywhere now!”

Which means the cruising stage and those toddlers steps are probs only weeks away – and we can’t wait to hear what mischief he’s getting in to then! Keep updating us, Sam ?

Pic: Sam Faiers/Instagram

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