Samantha Cameron reveals her daughter’s pop star aspirations

Prime Minister’s wife admits that daughter Nancy wants to be a pop star and that her son won’t be following dad David Cameron’s footsteps

Samantha Cameron has admitted that her 7-year-old daughter Nancy wants to follow the footsteps of Cheryl Cole or Lady Gaga and be a pop star.


Talking at the Save the Children No Child Born to Die event, the Prime Ministers wife revealed her eldest two children’s career prospects. Talking about how every parent wonders what their child will grow up to be, Samantha said, “Anyone who has ever held a baby will know what it is like to look at their face and wonder who they are going to be.”


She then admitted that X Factor fan Nancy wants to be a pop star and 5-year-old Elwen isn’t sure what he wants to be when he grows up, but he knows what he doesn’t want to be! “Elwen is certain he doesn’t want to be a ‘politicianer’ as he calls it, like his dad.”

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