Seven mums, seven births, seven weeks – from one street

There must be something in this street’s water as eight babies born within seven weeks of each other


When seven women living in the same Welsh street discovered they were all pregnant, they didn’t imagine that they would all give birth in the same hospital within seven weeks of each other.


Teacher Nia Edwards, 34, was the first to give birth to twin girls, Mali and Elen.

“I bumped into one of the girls at a doctor’s appointment and we thought it was a big enough coincidence that we were both pregnant at the same time. To find out there were five more babies on the way was just brilliant,” Nia told the Daily Mail.

Karen Hulse then had Catrin, Kirsty Davies gave birth to Macsen, Jane Prentice-Jenkins had Brook, Sharron Bateman is mum to Poppy, Jo Morgan had Ava and Angela Fomison gave birth to Harriet.

Now, a year on, the mums and their babies are all firm friends and are even planning to send the children to the same school.

“We all meet up at least once a week with the babies – we’ll go for a coffee or to the park. And we all babysit for each other, which is a great help for new mums.

‘It will be so lovely to see them all grow up together – it’s like an extended family,” said Nia.

The midwives from the hospital where each of the mums gave birth have now nicknamed the parents’ Crystal Wood Drive address, Fertile Wood Drive.

The mums and dads of ‘Fertile Wood Drive’ are planning a street party for their babies’ 1st birthday’s – coinciding with the Royal Wedding this Friday.

With a ‘pregnancy contagious’ chair and now a fertile street, what ever will be next in the UK’s baby boom?


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