Shocking calorie and fat content in cinema snacks revealed…

Alarming survey reveals that your child's movie treats, such as popcorn and hot dogs, are packed with sugar and fat


The next trip to the cinema could be damaging your child’s health if you treat them to the usual snacks, a new survey has found.


While we know that a box of popcorn, a hot dog and fizzy drink is an occasional treat and often goes hand in hand with a trip to the cinema, a study by Which? magazine has discovered that these treats contain up three quarters of your child’s daily calorie intake.

A medium box of popcorn will not only cost the best part of £5, it’ll also contain up to 1,260 calories – the equivalent to a MacDonald’s Big Mac meal. Popcorn also contains a whopping 79.6g of fat, which is more than a woman’s daily recommended intake. A hot dog has 3.2g of salt and a carton of fizzy cola has 320 calories.

Following the fatty finds from the survey, Which? is asking cinemas to advertise the fat and calories content on the snack packaging so filmgoers know how much they are eating.

“This is an enormous amount of calories and fat, especially when you think that this would be a snack or treat on top of your usual meals,” a spokesperson has said.

Are you shocked by these cinema snack results?

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