Sporty Spice backs PE in schools campaign

Spice Girl Mel C lives up to her name by urging schools to get kids active


After storming the stage with the Spice Girls at the Olympic closing ceremony, Sporty Spice has joined the Sun newspaper in its campaign to support sport in schools.


Sporty (real name Melanie Chisholm), mum to 3-year-old Scarlett, told the Sun, “Sport is an essential part of the curriculum. Schools are under pressure to get results but academia isn’t for everyone, and I think we need more vocational options for kids.”

Mel added, “If my little girl grows up wanting to be the next Jessica Ennis then I couldn’t be happier.”

Earlier this week, Mayor of London Boris Johnson (or Bo Jo as he’s fast becoming known) showed his ongoing support for the Olympic legacy, calling for compulsory daily sport in schools.

Mel joked, “ Many people flinch when they think back to their PE lessons. But that’s why we need some options that are more fun, so school sports can be enjoyable for everybody.”

After all, Mel said, “If school hadn’t introduced me to exercise then who knows? Maybe I wouldn’t be so sporty after all.”


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