Surprise second baby for couple who spent £40,000 on IVF

After having a baby with the help of IVF, Jenifer Henegham and her husband didn't expect another baby... or a natural conception!


A woman who spent around £40,000 on IVF to have a baby has gone on to have a second child – after falling pregnant naturally.


After Jenifer Heneghan was told she was infertile, she and husband Kevin paid for six rounds of IVF treatments over eight years, reports the Daily Mail. They eventually welcomed a baby, son Tiernon, in May 2010.

Jenifer and Kevin had accepted that they wouldn’t be able to have more children because they couldn’t afford to pay for anymore fertility treatment.

However, a year after Tiernan was born, Jenifer missed her period and took a pregnancy test. Amazingly, it confirmed she was pregnant.

“We’ve never used contraception because I was told there was more chance of me winning the lottery than falling pregnant,” said Jenifer. “It took eight years of IVF and every penny we had to conceive our son, I never expected in a million years to fall pregnant naturally. To me it’s better than winning the lottery,” she said.

“Even they couldn’t tell us how or why it had happened, I couldn’t believe it and neither could they,” said Jenifer. “My consultant said just being relaxed and not trying may have made all the difference and I think he’s right. We spent so long trying and it never happened and then when we stop it does,” she said.

Jenifer’s pregnancy was closely monitored and 10 weeks ago, she gave birth to a baby girl, Nuala, via a planned c-section.

“Even when I held her I still couldn’t quite believe what had happened to us. We went through years of heartache and spent everything we had on having our son, and then we get a daughter for free,” said Jenifer.


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