Teen does huge Xmas shop for 4p – and gives the lot to charity

Voucher-mad teenager uses coupons to buy food worth nearly £600


A teenager got almost £600 worth of food shopping for just 4p – and then donated the lot to charity.


Jordon Cox, 16, scoured hundreds of websites and magazines to find coupons to redeem. He collected 470 vouchers and then went to his local Tesco, and filled three trolleys with food.

When the bill came to £572, he handed the cashier his collection of coupons – which took over an hour to count.

“The lady at the checkout had worked at Tesco for 19 years and she said she’d never seen anything like it before,” says Jordon. “I had a big crowd. I felt like a celebrity.

“My heart was pounding and the adrenaline was pumping when we got to the till. So much could have gone wrong.

“I could have left some coupons at home, or not read the terms and conditions properly. Some of them might have expired, too.”

The teen donated the food to Doorstep, a charity that gives food to disadvantaged families. “The Christmas shop was definitely the best experience of my life,” he says. “I feel so pleased that I could help so many people.”

What he bought, according to the Telegraph:

  • 20 packs of frozen Yorkshire puddings
  • 20 jam roly polys
  • 80 packs of butter
  • 23 packs of Quorn mince
  • Four Gressingham poussin
  • 40 black puddings
  • 200 packets of biscuits
  • 23 blocks of hard cheese
  • 20 pots of Yeo Valley organic yoghurt
  • 19 bottles of fruit juice
  • 10 boxes of Paxo stuffing
  • 40 bottles of Anchor whipped cream
  • 15 bags of frozen Brussels sprouts
  • 4 packs of After Eight mints
  • 15 Covent Garden Soups
  • 10 bags of Florette Salad
  • 36 packs of Cauldron vegetarian sausages, falafel and tofu
  • Crumble mix
  • Haribo sweets

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