The best new Lego toys for 2014 – sneak peek!

First look at some of the most exciting upcoming releases from Lego


The Lego stand at the Toy Fair 2014 this week was shrouded in secrecy. The bright yellow enclosure had a door policy that could rival Fort Knox with burly security men guarding the entrance. Undeterred, we sharpened our elbows and pushed through the crowd.


What awaited us was top secret rooms full of the new bricks and megabrand tie-ins that will become the must-have toys on wishlists come Christmas. We saw some very exciting prototypes that we can reveal to you later this year.

But for now, here’s a sneak peek of the newest Lego and Duplo that are almost ready to hit the shelves…

Launch of Lego Juniors

Probably the biggest news is that for the first time, Lego is bridging the gap between Duplo and its older Lego sets – by launching Lego Juniors.

The Junior sets are designed for children aged 4-7 and include part-built bricks so it’s easier for younger children to build their own play sets. The range, released in March, will include Batman, Race Car Rally, Pony Farm (pictured) and Police themed play sets.


Ta-da! The Lego Movie

OK, we lied. The even bigger Lego story this year is the release of the brand’s first film in February. The action packed movie follows the story of Emmet, a perfectly average Lego Minifigure as he tries to save the world. We’ve had a sneak peek at the movie tie-in toys that will be on offer and they look amazing. There’s a huge range to suit all tastes from spaceships to ice cream machines… so watch this space!


More from Lego City

The ever-popular Lego City is launching its all-new Police range led by the Police Station £79.99 (pictured). There will also be a new Helicopter Surveillance set, Mobile Police Unit and Prisoner Transporter set. Lego City will also see a new range of vehicles including an Airport Fire Truck, SUV, Camper Van and Monster Truck.


Lego DC Comics Super Heroes

Lego has teamed up with DC Comics to offer a new range of iconic Batman sets. We love the classic 90s style Batman toys with The Penguin, The Riddler and The Joker all making an appearance! We love The Joker’s smiling steam roller and The Penguin’s Rubber Ducky. These are bad guys with style. Prices from £11.99 – £49.99.


Picnics and animals for Duplo

The biggest bricks of Lego brick family, Duplo aimed at ages 18-months to 5 years have some big releases planned for this year. Following on from Creative Cakes, Duplo will launch Creative Ice Cream, Picnic and Animals with super cute sets perfect for gifting at £12.99-£19.99. This month also sees the launch of the All-In-One Box of Fun, £24.99 (pictured). Buildable elements include a wagon base, opening windows, numbered bricks, figures and cute animals.

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