The reason Sam Faiers’ latest breastfeeding pic won’t break the internet

The new mum looks happy and relaxed


Relaxing in the airport lounge, new mum Sam Faiers can’t wait to jet off on her first family holiday with baby Paul.


Sam and her partner Paul Knightley are taking their son to Dubai – and judging from Sam’s grin, she can’t wait for a bit of sun (we don’t blame her).

“Our first family holiday ☀️✈️ so excited ??☺️,” she commented.

But amidst the glamour of the rather swanky Emirates lounge, you might miss the fact that Sam is breastfeeding her baby.

The new mum is cradling her son to her breast under her scarf.

The last time Sam Faiers shared a breastfeeding selfie, she was criticised for doing so in public.

And this time, people still had something to say…  she was criticised for covering Paul. (Honestly, she can’t win!)

” Don’t hide your beautiful baby away, breastfeeding is the most natural and beautiful thing. Don’t let people annoy you with their pathetic words, you breastfeed where you want,” one fan commented.


“I’m surprised people aren’t slating you for covering baby’s head, I think it’s great to cover up breastfeeding,” another added.

While others were just happy to see more pictures of Sam feeding her baby.

“Love your breastfeeding photos!! Inspiration at its best ?,” one commented.

“Love that you’re normalising breastfeeding. Have a great holiday ?,” another added.

Well, we just think Sam looks perfectly happy and relaxed. Whether she covers up or not during breastfeeding is entirely her choice – and of course, she can do a mix of both!

Photos: Instagram / Sam Faiers

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