The then-and-now photos that show just how amazing prem babies are

Photographer wants to bring hope to parents of prem babies


Premature babies sure have a difficult start in life. They’ve had less time to develop in the womb – so they often face difficulties when they’re born. Long hospital stays, being fed through tubes and having operations for heart conditions are just some of the struggles they have.


Prem babies can be born as early as 23 weeks but usually between 34 and 36 weeks – and they’re born fighters.

Now Red Méthot, a photographer from Canada, has made a touching photo series titled “Les Premás” to show just how resilient premature babies are.

His amazing portraits show children – and a few adults – who were born prematurely holding pictures of themselves as babies. Sleeping in incubators or breathing through tubes, it’s amazing to see how healthy (and big!) those babies grew up to be.


“It’s a big message of hope to parents going through this tough time,” Méthot told the Huffington Post. “I wanted the pictures to say: ‘Hey, look, they’ve also been there and look how awesome they are now.'”

The project was a personal one as both of Red’s children were born prematurely. “Before that, I knew pretty much nothing about prematurity,” he said. “So I decided that this photo project would help make people know more about this topic.”


“I decided to make pictures that I would have wanted to see when my first-born child was at the hospital for many long weeks,” he said.

Photos: Facebook / RedM Photo

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