They did what with a baby bottle? 5 new baby gadgets from the world’s top tech show

Bluetooth dummies, intelligent bottles and interactive trainers – the wildest baby products from the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show


Tech-loving parents, this is for you…

If you’re a gadget-loving parent then you’ll be happy to know that the biggest technology trade show, CES, is in full flow in Las Vegas and this year it have some of the smartest baby products you can imagine.


From smart beds that can tell parents when their child is having a nightmare to electric seat belt monitors, manufacturers have been busy making sure we, as parents can control, monitor and record almost every aspect of our little one’s lives.

And, of course being the socially savy parents we are, we can then share all this information with anyone we want via Bluetooth or the Internet.

We’ve rounded up the 5 most hi-tech parenting devices of the exhibition for you, just in case you (like us) are unable to attend the Consumer Electronics Show in glitzy Las Vegas…


Intel Smart Baby Clip

We know you can never be too safe when travelling in a car and it seems tech firm Intel agree.

Better known as the world’s largest semiconductor chip maker (sexy, huh), it has created a seatbelt appliance that fits onto a regular car seat restraint and alerts parents if the clip is unbuckled.

Parents can connect to the clip via a smart phone app, which also monitors the temperature of the car. As an added precaution for extremely absent-minded parents, it sounds an alarm if you accidentally walk away from the car with your little one locked inside.


Blue Maestro Pacif-I Bluetooth dummy

It is so easy to lose a dummy, nestled in a cot bedding, discarded in a pile of toys, or stuck between the seams of the buggy. So wouldn’t it be great if you could click a button and know exactly where it is?

Well now you can as the Pacif-I Bluetooth dummy has a proximity sensor, which means you’ll know where it is at all times.

The “world’s smartest dummy” claims the manufacturer, will also allow you to keep track of your baby’s movements, and sound an alarm if your baby wanders away.

The dummy also has a built-in temperature sensor that observes, records and relays your child’s temperature when being sucked.


Slow Control Baby Gigl bottle

Now this is of interest, if your baby has colic. It’s a smart baby bottle that will help control colic. Sounds too good to be true? Slow Control says its Baby Gigl will do just that.

By keeping track of how fast and how much your baby is drinking and alerting you to the optimum angle to hold it, the bottle ensures your baby doesn’t take in too much air when feeding. But at £65 per bottle it doesn’t come cheap.


Sleep Number SleepIQ bed

How do we ensure our kids have the best night’s sleep possible?  Well, there’s an app (and smart bed) for that.

With the SleepIQ bed you can change the firmness of your child’s bed, adjust the position of your little one’s head, and turn out lights – all remotely via a phone app. There’s a “monster scanner” to find and fight monsters under the bed and give kids peace of mind.

The app will also monitor your baby’s presence, breathing rate and heart rate.

Hmmm, perhaps Sleep IQbed in the future could kiss your child goodnight too – making parents completely redundant at night time. Hmmm


Sketchers Gamekicks

Footwear is no longer about getting from one place to another in comfort and style; it’s now about being entertained by your feet along the way.


That’s right, Sketchers has made Game Kicks, shoes that not only light up and play music, but also allows kids to play an electronic game of Simon on one of the shoes. However long will it take now to get your child to take their shoes on or off?

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