This week in parenting pics: Olivia Wilde, Katherine Heigl and Tess Holliday

Olivia Wilde captures those late pregnancy feelings, while Tess Holliday's 4-month-old practices his blue steel...


Here’s our round up of the best parenting pics we’ve seen this week…


Olivia Wilde


Pregnant actor Olivia Wilde is no stranger to sharing her bump journey on Instagram and Twitter.

She recently sounded off about train passengers who don’t offer their seat to a lady with a big baby bump.

Just days ago, she shared a pic of the Marshmallow man (from Ghostbusters) storming through the streets of New York.

With this simple caption: “Me, strolling home last night #tenthousandmonthspregnant”, Olivia perfectly captured how many of us feel late into pregnancy. I.e. Huge ?

Katherine Heigl


Soon-to-be mum-of-3 Katherine is preparing her middle daughter, Adalaide, for life with a new baby in the house.

The former Greys Anatomy star took to Instagram to show Adalaide, embracing (and holding up) her super-cute younger cousin Ward.

“Adalaide’s getting ready for her baby brother by practicing with her adorable cousin Ward! #cutecousins#gorgeouskids thanks for the frameable pic aunt @cassiemkelley!” she wrote beside the unbelievably sweet pic.

We’re sure Adalaide’s gonna be an awesome big sister! And that her sis Nancy, 7, is already bossing it ?

Tess Holliday


It seems little Bowie Juniper is proving the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree!

The adorable tot appeared in a selfie on his model mum Tess Holliday’s Instagram, already nailing his Zoolander-esque Blue Steel pout.

It’s no surprise Bowie’s ready for his close up at just 4 months old, given that his mum is one of the world’s leading plus-size supermodels.

Pics like this don’t need captions, but “Don’t mess with us #mood?#bluesteel” pretty much sums it up ?

Julia Bradbury


 Former Countryfile presenter and mum-of-3 Julia Bradbury recently took to Instagram with a very sweet pic.

We reckon the small feet in the shot belong to one of her twin daughters, Xanthe and Zena. She asked: “Is there anything more edible than baby feet? #Icouldeatyou#babygirls ❤️”

We’ll let you be the judge ?

…and Mermaid Dad


Shoutout to this mer-dad and his mer-daughter, who were spotted by a passerby pounding the pavement at Disneyland. Which is a bit odd, considering mermaids can’t walk.

The candid image was shared to imgur by user Calicutie66 and of course it went viral.

We LOVE seeing pics of mums and dads embracing fancy dress for their little ones… so this really warmed our hearts!

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