Three million homemade Christmas cakes end up in the bin!

Budding Christmas pudding makers cook up a flop each year, reveals research


If you’re planning on joining the bake it yourself brigade this Christmas, you aren’t alone. Ten million people will do the same this year – but three million DIY Christmas cakes never make it to the dining table, according to research.


Research by Sainsbury’s has revealed that while all of us have the best intentions on saving money and getting creative in the kitchen, the majority fais to cook up a storm and end up dumping the homemade disaster in the bin.

The baking efforts cost on average £10 for ingredients, and with most of it being destined for the rubbish bin, we’re wasting around £30 million. Instead of spending the ingredient money on an already perfectly made festive pud or pie, one in five of us spends two hours a week trying to make culinary creations in the kitchen.

However, Sainsbury’s did record a surge in last minute sales of ready-made Christmas puddings last year, with sales jumping 71% in the final few weeks/


If you’re starting to plan what food treats you’ll be offering the family this Christmas, before you do, make sure you check out our MFM’s ultimate festive food testing.

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