Toddlers’ literacy isn’t good enough

Four in 10 schools, nurseries and childminders aren’t teaching toddlers a good enough standard of communication, language and literacy, says education watchdog


Toddlers aren’t being given a good enough standard of education in communication, language and literacy, according to Ofsted.


A new Ofsted report reveals that four in 10 schools, nurseries and childminders are failing to teach toddlers good enough language and literacy skills.

The report discovered that children cared for by childminders and day nurseries in particular were developing better social than literacy skills. Ofsted claims this is down to staff relying on daily routines rather than planning activities that help toddlers learn.

The EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage), also known as the “nappy curriculum”, was introduced in September 2008 in order to move young children towards early learning goals. The report shows many young children aren’t achieving these goals, with less than half of childminders and day nurseries providing a good standard of teaching in communication, language and literacy.


Despite these findings, Ofsted still feels the introduction of the EYFS has been beneficial. “Childcare in England has improved since the introduction of the Early Years Foundation Stage. Our evidence shows that all kinds of provider, from schools to childminders, can deliver the Early Years Foundation Stage well and that children are enjoying their time whatever type of provision they attend,” said Christine Gilbert, Ofsted Chief Inspector, reports the Telegraph.

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