Tori Spelling’s mum knows best?

Candy Spelling says daughter Tori got pregnant ‘a little too soon’


Reality star Tori Spelling apparently always said she wanted four children, but surprised everyone when she announced she was pregnant again when daughter Hattie was just over a month old.


Now, Tori’s mum Candy Spelling has admitted that, although she’s “thrilled” about becoming a grandmother again, Tori and husband Dean McDermott should have left a bigger gap, according to the Belfast Telegraph.

 “She’s (Tori) felt great through all her pregnancies, but she doesn’t feel so great through this one.

 “It was a little too soon. Her body didn’t get back in shape, so I think it’s a lot for her!” Candy said.

Tori, who is due to give birth in September, was open about the fact she didn’t want husband Dean “to think that the sex is going downhill” but that the pregnancy was a bit of a shock.

“All my friends keep asking, ‘Was it planned?’ I said, “Seriously, Hattie was one month-old – do you think it was planned?’” Tori told Life and Style magazine.

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