Two Russian girls learn they were accidentally swapped at birth

Two families try to make it work after they learn their babies were mixed up at the hospital over a decade ago.


Two Russian families have decided to focus on the positives after it emerged they left the hospital with the wrong babies 12 years ago.


Yuri and Yuliya Belyaeva have sensationally discovered that their daughter, Irina, is actually the biological daighter of a local Muslim family, who have been raising the Yuri and Yuliya’s daughter as their own. Yuri and Yuliya discovered Irina wasn’t biologically their child after a DNA test was undertaken whilst they were in the process of divorcing. 

While this is undoubtedly a huge shock for both girls and the two sets of parents, they are striving to ensure they can make their new larger family work. Both girls have chosen to stay in their current homes, regarding the couples they believed to be their family as their parents.

Both girls are now spending time with their biological parents and it is reported that Yuri is keen to treat both girls as his daughters.

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