Why no baby name for Chantelle Houghton?

Three weeks after the birth of Chantelle and Alex Reid’s daughter, they still haven’t picked a name… or have they?


Chantelle Houghton and Alex Reid have yet to settle on a name for their daughter, who was born three weeks ago.


The reality celebs, both known for stints in the Big Brother house, had agreed the surname would be Reid before the baby was born. But Chantelle admitted she would find it hard to find a name that was strong enough

But, according to Chantelle, it seems Wikipedia has got bored of waiting. Speaking in her New! magazine column, Chantelle said, “My daughter still hasn’t got a name! Someone told me that it says on Wikipedia her name is Leela but it’s not true!”

Chantelle added, “I did like the name Ruby, but there are so many little girls called Ruby around. I love Sienna as well. It’s such a pretty name. But again, it’s a little too popular.”

The mum-of-one said she’s turned to a baby name book to try and find an unusual name, hinting she’ll pick by next week. Watch this space!

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