World Breastfeeding Awareness Week 2012 – a celebration

From flash mobs to celeb rants, we round-up our favourite breastfeeding stories


Blooming lovely

A snap of Miranda Kerr breastfeeding baby Flynn back in January 2011 kick started a flurry of interest around the new mum. Miranda was celebrated for shunning the embarrassment often associated with public breastfeeding.


Flash mob

December 2011 saw forty mums stage a breastfeeding flash mob in Brighton. The mums went public to raise awareness after a mum was allegedly asked to leave a café while breastfeeding.


Leaky Lily

Lily Allen took to Twitter in January 2012 to reveal all about her leaky boobs, revealing she’d been caught short without breast pads. Journalist Caitlin Moran told Lily that with her milk pressure she could probably put out the Olympic Torch!


Selma speaks out

In April 2012 Selma Blair publicly supported feeding her baby herself. Talking about breastfeeding in public, Selma told People magazine, “We all have nipples. I don’t care who I offend; my baby wants to eat.”


Time to feed?

American Time magazine sent ripples through the media after their May 2012 cover featured a woman appearing to breastfeed her 3-year-old son. Photographer Martin Schoeller defended his portrayal of an “uncommon situation”.


Got milk?

New mum Jessica Simpson admitted it was “the worst” when she had to express her breastmilk and give Eric a bottle for baby Maxwell. Jess told People magazine, “I miss holding her and having that closeness.” Aww!


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