Worrying trend to avoid the dentist

Poll reveals that a fifth of adults don't go to the dentist because they can't afford the treatment


A poll by the NHS Information Centre has found that a fifth of adults steer clear of dentist appointments or only have minimal treatment because of the hefty costs they are faced with.


The poll of over 11,000 people in the UK discovered that 20% would prefer not to have the treatment suggested by their dentist rather than pay the big bills.

A quarter of those polled admitted that cost was a big factor when deciding what type of treatment to have, even if it was vital to their dental health.

However, looking after your teeth is vital and sets a good example to your children.

And remember, children’s basic dental treatment is free through the NHS, so don’t avoid booking their dentist appointments. Check out where you can find your local NHS dentist here.


Even better, if you’re pregnant you get free dental healthcare during pregnancy and for 12 months after the birth, so find out what vital dental care you should do whilst pregnant.


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