Your child’s first day at school costs £166

How much?! A new survey claims parents spend £166.85 getting their child ready for their first day at school

School uniform could put you back over £166!

Preparing your child for their first day of school in September totals over £166 on average for each child, a recent survey reveals.


The study compiled a shopping list of items that parents can expect to purchase for their child’s first day of school. The survey asked parents, with kids aged 4 to 6 year, how much they spent when preparing their children for their first day, as well as what items they actually purchased.

Here’s what parents have been paying, according to

  • School uniform – £70
  • PE kit – £20
  • Shoes – £15
  • School bag – £12
  • Pencil case and pencil case contents – £17
  • Reading material – £11.85
  • Hair cut – £12
  • Lunch box – £9

Grand total: £166.85. Ouch.

How much do you expect to pay to prepare your child for school?

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