Your IVF success revealed online in one-minute quiz

Nine-question test apparently tells you how likely you are to conceive via IVF


A 60-second quiz could predict your likelihood of conceiving via IVF. The test asks just nine questions and claims to be 99% accurate.


British researchers developed the test using data from the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority. Nearly 150,000 IVF cycles were taken into account to make the test as accurate as possible.

Questions include info about previous IVF attempts and pregnancies as well as what treatment you are on and medications you are taking. However, it does not include other factors such as lifestyle.

“The test provides critical information on the likely outcome for couples deciding whether to undergo IVF – until now estimates of success have not been reliable,” said Scott Nelson, a researcher from Glasgow University.


IVF in the UK works for around a third of women under 35. Success rates drop to only 5% to 10% for women over 40. You can take the test for free at the IVF Predictor website.


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