4 Weeks Pregnant – what to expect

Now you're 4 weeks pregnant, this week is all about finding out your due date, preg superfoods, sore boobs, and spinach, potato and cheddar frittata!


Watch our video to see what your baby looks like this week

This is the week your baby gets promoted from blastocyst (a ball of cells) to embryo (a slightly more complex ball of cells), and burrows into your womb lining – basically, to stake out its home for the next 8 months.


So what’s happening to your body this week?

You’re probably feeling a bit all over the place right now… kind of ‘Yay!’ mixed with ‘Woah!’ – and a big dollop of ‘Yikes!’ on top? Yup, not exactly fun but completely and utterly normal.

You’re probably also feeling some period-type symptoms (and that doesn’t help with the ‘Yikes!’ dollops, does it?): sore breasts and nipples, bloating – even light spotting or cramping – are common in early pregnancy.

That’s because many of the hormones that surge through your body before a period are the same ones your body’s producing now to get that baby of yours all geared up to develop and grow.

Our MFMer’s 4-week bump of the week

Is yours already showing? Check out other MFMers’ bumps in our 4 week bump gallery.

Did you know? Your baby’s now the size of… a mini sugar ball


This week, your baby measures 1mm, the same as a teeny tiny sugar ball.

4 things you might need to know this week

MFMer’s tip of the week from our forum

“I’m so hungry all the time. I never usually eat breakfast but I’ve been having to. I even wake up in the night feeling hungry! I find munching Jaffa Cakes helps.” Hayleyb1187

Want to share your pregnancy with others going through the same as you?  There’s a birth club for your due date – take a look

Is it normal… to have some spotting?


Yes – around one third of women have some light bleeding at the beginning of their pregnancy. It may be due to what’s known as ‘implantation bleeding‘.

This rather clinical name is a clue – it’s the bleeding that can occur when your fertilised egg implants into the lining of your womb. Alternatively, spotting can be caused by your newly active pregnancy hormones (you’ll be hearing lots more about these powerful little things).

One thing though, while bleeding in these early weeks is common, do let your doctor or midwife know, so they can check all is OK.

Our preg recipe for week 4 – Spinach, potato and cheddar frittata


Why spinach is great for your growing baby

Packing a hefty vitamin punch, Popeye’s fave veg snack is also rich in folic acid (which can help protect your baby from birth defects such as cleft lip, cleft palate and spina bifida). Spinach is full of fibre, too: something of a relief if you’re stuck (up) with early-pregnancy constipation…

See the full recipe and get cooking…

Baby namer – what do you think of these vintage names?

It’s never too early to start thinking of baby names. Fancy going back to the future with these vintage names?

Mabel means beautiful, loving and lovable. As well as being a fashionable Victorian name, it was also popular in the Middle Ages (as Amabel), so seriously retro.
Celeb baby-name-check: Bruce Willis called his 5th daughter Mabel.

More geographical than romantic, Stanley means ‘near a stony clearing’. Okay… so good for outdoorsy types?
Celeb baby-name-check: Piers Morgan, Dido and MC Hammer all have Stanleys.

Check out our dedicated Baby Names section for more inspiration.


So that’s plenty for this week, want to take a peek at what lies ahead?

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