70% of mums feel more body confident WITH a baby bump than without

According to our recent MFM poll, more than 2/3s of mums liked their bodies better during pregnancy...


Pregnancy feels different for everyone – some of us glide through the 9 months with absolutely no symptoms, whereas others get the full whammy: nausea, heartburn, swollen everything ?


But one thing loads of your pregnancies seem to have in common is that your round, growing baby bellies made you feel more confident!


Yep, according to the mums in our recent Instagram poll, exactly 70% felt more confident about the way their body looked while they were expecting, than pre or post-baby.

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Those are some seriously happy stats, right? We LOVE that so many of you out there are really embracing how your body changes ??

Though, of course we’d love it if that body positivity continued post-birth and beyond. Still, baby steps!

We were inspired to ask the question by Instagram mum Karen (aka @ourtinydiaries, pictured above), who shared a bump snap of herself rocking a floaty top, and asking her followers:

“Does anyone else feel weirdly more confident with a huge pregnant tummy than they do normally?”

She went on to add: “I’m bigger, more puffy and don’t even look like those perfect pregnancy pictures you see of women who manage to both keep a gorgeously skinny tanned body AND sport a bump ? but yet I still feel good…

“Oh, I never have a gorgeously skinny body anyway to make that clear, but body confidence is one thing that just isn’t an issue in pregnancy for me!”

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Images: Instagram/Our Tiny Diaries

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