After labour – mums share their advice

You’ve had your baby but what about afterwards? Mums offer their advice and tips on after the birth…


For post-birth comfort

“I had a c-section, so I had a bit of a sore tum at first. I found drawstring tracksuit bottoms were comfortable, especially across my scar, as I could do them up as loose as I needed, and tighten them as my tummy shrunk and my scar healed. Mine cost a few quid from Primark so didn’t break the bank.”


Jenny Hallington,24, from Devon, mum to Rose,2months

For exhaustion after birth

“Keep your energy levels up in those first days after giving birth by eating well. I was in hospital for a few days after having Zoë and the day after she was born, my partner Tim smuggled in a delicious veggie lasagne and a big slice of chocolate cake. It really perked me up!”

Wendy Parker, 36, from London, mum to Zoë, 8 months

For soothing stitches

“I tore when I gave birth and had to have stitches. Exposing them to the air was the best way to soothe them when they felt uncomfortable. I sat on an old towel on my bed for 10 minutes a couple of times a day which cooled the area down a treat.”

Kirsty Joy, 33, from Plymouth, mum to Abigail, 3 months

For recovery after a c-section

“I had an unplanned c-section and it was a shock afterwards when I found things like bending down difficult. It was hard to even get my usual slippers on, so my partner bought me a cheap pair of backless slippers that I could pop on easily. It sounds simple, but it was a treat to be able to do something for myself.”

Karen Smith, 31, from Rugby, mum to Amber, 2 months

Preparing to leave the ward

“I was in hospital for two days after I had my first baby and when I left the warm ward I was so cold! I wasn’t prepared for being outside at all. With my second baby, I made sure I had lots of layers on, including a vest, T-shirt, jumper and body warmer , when I left. I felt much more cosy.”


Sarah Green, 35, from Surrey, mum to Gina, 3, and Rose, 2 months

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