Tests and scans when expecting twins

Are you expecting not one, but two new bundles of joy? Find out about the different tests, checks and scans you can expect while pregnant with twins. Will you need more ultrasound scans than a single pregnancy and do you need to visit your midwife more often?

Managing your nutrition while pregnant with twins

What to eat while pregnant with twins

Being pregnant with two babies will put even more strains on your body, so eating correctly will help your pregnancy and give your twins the best start in life. Even though the recommended foods to eat and avoid are the same as a single pregnancy, there are some extra nutritional needs to consider while expecting twins…

Your labour and birth with twins

Giving birth to twins

You’ve found out that you’re expecting twins! How do your birthing options change to single births? Will your twins be born early? Can you have a home birth? These are just some of the questions you may be wondering about your labour and birth with twins…

Where do you start on your twins' shopping list?

What to shop for

Planning ahead and knowing what to buy for a new baby can be a tough job, but is it tougher when expecting twins? We help you plan your buys into categories, from the main big items such as cots and car seats to twin buggies, then smaller items like nappies and baby wipes

Car seats are an essential buy for your twins

Essential buys for your twins

These are the things you need to think about buying as priority for your twins. The essentials they’ll need for day-today life. Items for the nursery, travel systems and clothes for them to wear are most important, along with bathing and changing equipment. Check out our list of essential buys for twins.

What are the useful buys for twins?

Useful buys for your twins

These items are the essentials that aren’t actually vital to daily life with a newborn baby – or two in your case! Things such as baby rockers, slings and nipple shields can make life as a new mum to twins a little easier, so the items under the ‘useful’ category should be bought closely after you’ve settled your essential baby buys. Check out our list of useful buys to put on your shopping list.

The 'little extra's' can make great baby shower gifts!

Lovely-to-have extras

Items such as cot mobiles, bottle warmers, buggy toys and nursery accessories are great little extras for you and your twins to enjoy, but they are more luxury items, should you not have the budget or space at home for them. Check out our list of lovely extras to put on your baby shower gift list!

Preparing to feed your twins

Feeding your twins

Having two hungry little babies can be tough on parents. Our guide will give you great tips on the best way to feed your twins, whether on the breast, bottle feeding or combining both. Also, find out what equipment you’ll need to feed your babies as well as the advantages of feeding your twins at the same time…

TAMBA gives great advice to parents of twins

The Twins and Multiple Births Association

The Twins and Multiple Births Association (TAMBA) was set up to give advice to parents of multiples. Being pregnant with twins, triplets or more can be a daunting experience and being a new mum of multiples can be even more so – MFM spoke to the people behind the charity.

What do you know about twins

Fun twin facts

Having twins or even someone noticing an identical pair across a street can result in lots of interest. But what do we know about multiples? Do identical twins really share the exact same DNA? How many multiple pregnancies result with identical siblings? Find out with our fun and interesting facts about twins.